Why Etoro is a Good Platform

EToro is a leading online Forex Broker that offers multiple platforms suitable for both novice trading and professionals on 28 currency pairs. Trading platforms include GTS, Meta Trader 4 and FX AccuCharts. To compliment these platforms they offer one-on-one education, video education and education forums.

For those interested they have free demo accounts with live market data. These accounts do not trade using real money and are a virtual trading environment that prevents loss until good trading practices have been developed.

When ready the GTS trading platform offers Pro, Web and Mobile options. Meta Trader is available for electronic program trading Forex Robots.

injecting-bullish-market-bullAs a concept Etoro simply makes sense. The idea of “wouldn’t it be great to follow the trades of the best” has now become a reality. Surprisingly the best traders aren’t secretive on this platform and are proud to be noted as a top trader. As a leader in social trading OpenBook and CopyTrader the site is committed to making every trader successful with a transparent way of seeeing everyones trades and therefore giving you the ability to copy the best traders that you favour. Not only can this greatly help you learn the best way to trade but it can often ensure that you get involved in the right winning situations at the right time, without having to do all the homework and research. Put it this way if you can’t beat them join them and with Etoro you can elevate yourself from novice to a sucessful expert by simply joining the community.

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