Is Omnitrader any good?

We have carried out research to discover the best possible integrated technical analysis trading software product for our personal trading. We began with a list of 10 products to explore.

For our evaluation the technical analysis software must be reliable, robust in function and cost effective. The trading software’s research and development must be on-going and progressive offering new innovative features that provide realizable trading improvements. Although our evaluation was primarily focused on equities and share market stock trading it was this same time period that we became interested trading with Forex.

With over 10,000 open equity stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ share market exchanges our interest was to discover technical analysis software tools that would present only those better trading opportunities to us. The goal was to use computer technology to perform the grunt work by reducing the volume of data and time required to research excellent trading opportunities, and present a short list that could be quickly reviewed for trade entry and exit decisions.

Our choice is OmniTrader (OT) which, without doubt, provides superior technical analysis and trade analysis presentation. OT also provides realtime intra-day (day trading), end-of-day swing trading and position trading capabilities to suit every trading style.
Additionally, OT’s analysis isn’t limited to stocks and open equities. It is also excellent with Futures trading and Forex money trading. Processing capabilities to analyze E-Minis, trading options and funds, including ETFs and mutual funds is available.

love-trading-foreign-exchangeAdditional to traditional candlestick, western stick and line charts OmniTrader includes Non-Time Based Charting featuring Renko Charts, Point & Figure Charts, Volume Charts and Range Charts. It also incorporates over 120 oscillators and indicators that are used during its analysis process that can be displayed on price charts.

While OT is chart oriented trading VisualTrader (VT) is visual image trading. Strength and weakness in the market is easy to see on a VisualTrader Map. Assets and securities are organized by group, allowing you to see which groups are leading the market. The Map allows you to see overall market sentiment at a glance.

You choose the trading assets and securities that OmniTrader is to analyze. They appear on a Focus List. Next, OT performs its analysis on those assets and securities using proprietary analysis strategies that you control and execute on your personal computer. Its processing is very efficient and quick. The results of the analysis are trading signals indicating long and short trade entry. After a quick review of configured automated price charts the trade entry and trade exit decisions are completed. It is a complex process that OmniTrader automates and simplifies.


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