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Each trading day our world exchanges the equivalent of over 3 trillion United States dollars. The Forex Market is open from 20:15 GMT Sunday (Greenwich Mean Time, London) until 22:00 GMT Friday. This marketplace ultimately determines the exchange rate of currency from one country into currency of another country for the payment of international goods and services. Additionally, the currency exchange markets are influenced by political, economic and psychological perceptions that cause the value of this monetary relationship between countries to constantly fluctuate up and down. It is this fluctuation of value between the two currencies that is traded to realize individual gain and profit.

So begin your Forex journey. Learn and ask questions as you explore. Take each step at your own pace and without hurry. Each step taken will provide you with a deeper understanding of Forex Currency Trading.

FOREX or Foreign Exchange Currency Trading is the largest as well as the most liquid trading market in the world. There are many people involved in trading money around the world.

Trading the Market

Unlike a stock exchange share market: Foreign exchange currency trading is without the constraint of a single centralized physical exchange and is comprised of approximently 5,000 trading institutions including banks, companies, brokers and government central banks. Instead, Forex trading is decentralized due to its continuous activity and the global reach of currency.

The historical relationship of currency to the Futures Marketplace is the exchange of established currency Forex trading contracts as predefined amounts of a currency. These predefined amounts are referred to as a currency “lot size”. A minimum “lot” of United States Dollars (USD), for example, might have been 100,000 units ($100,000 USD). This minimum lot size requirement exempted smaller investors and traders from participation in the Forex market. The subsequent and historically recent introduction of reduced lot size Forex trading transactions encouraged the development of a currency “spot” market where trading money for profit from small relative price change thrives.

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